Early Start Resources

Training and technical assistance resources support your work and professional development.

  • UPDATED! Early Start Service Coordination Handbook: Now you can find updated chapters of the Service Coordination Handbook in the Early Start Neighborhood! Newly revised versions of chapters 1 (Service Coordination and Coordinators), 2 (Introduction to Procedural Safeguards), 3 (Multidisciplinary Team process), 6 (Evaluation and Eligibility), 7 (Assessment), and 8 (The Individualized Family Service Plan Process) are available to view and download. All chapters of the Handbook are updated to reflect the latest federal and state regulations and best practices in the field. More chapters will be released as their updates are completed.
  • THE CENTRAL DIRECTORY IS NOW ONLINE! California Early Start Central Directory of Early Intervention Resources: A directory of more than 2000 state and local agencies that provide early intervention services in California, now an interactive online resource with a search bar that enables you to find services in your immediate area.
  • Compilation of Early Start Statutes & Regulations, 10th Edition: Updated in 2015, presents federal and state laws governing Early Start including Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Act and the California Early Intervention Services Act.
  • Effective Early Childhood Transitions: A Guide for Transition at Age Three—Early Start to Preschool: A practical guide identifying both required elements for transition and recommended practices to support families and their children as they successfully navigate the transition from Early Start to other services at age 3. Includes resources and tools for professionals in all aspects of early intervention.

Looking for SSIP information? Find it at SSIP Central on the Early Start Neighborhood: http://earlystartneighborhood.ning.com/ssip

Contact: Angela McGuire