Registration for Early Start Institute

2020-2021 Early Start Catalog coming soon!

Fall 2021
Registration: Available August 2, 2021
Session: September 13 – November 19, 2021

Winter 2022
Registration: Available November 29, 2021
Session: January 10 – March 18, 2022

Spring 2022
Registration: Available March 7, 2022
Session: April 18 – June 24, 2022

2022 Early Start Partners Symposium
May 10 – 11, 2022 and San Diego CA

Foundations Series and Skill Base Series

  • Register early! Courses fill quickly.
  • Registration is limited; each Foundations course may accommodate up to 80 active participants; Skill Base courses may accommodate up to 120 active participants.
  • Courses may be taken in any order or concurrently.
  • California Early Start personnel and partners are given priority for registration.
  • Registration is prioritized by date of receipt and confirmation of California residency.
  • Registrations received after the course limit has been reached will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Registrants from outside the state of California may be assessed a registration fee.
  • Technology specifications for participation:
    • Computer with an Internet connection
    • Updated Flash player
    • Security access (Some agencies may need to adjust security settings for individual staff to access the course delivery site.)

Effective Practice

  • Effective Practice trainings are conducted as needed. Information and registration are announced via email and through the Early Start Neighborhood.
  • Some Effective Practice training sessions may be simulcast via webinar if demand for attendance exceeds the venue capacity and at the direction of the Department of Developmental Services.
  • To participate in any webinar, individuals MUST REGISTER! Reminders, materials and login instructions are provided only to registered participants.
  • Registration is not limited; however, late registrants are not accepted.
  • Technology specifications for participation:
    • Laptop or desktop computer with an Internet connection
    • Phone connection (may be wireless or land line)
    • Multiple attendees may join via one Internet connection and speaker phone