Starting Out Together: An Early Intervention Guide for Families
A question and answer format summarizes the research supporting early intervention for infants and toddlers with a disability. The booklet also provides information on the key points of how the Early Start system works, such as eligibility, referral and the child’s service plan.

Download (pdf) in English, Spanish and/or Vietnamese here:
English, Spanish, Vietnamese.

Parents’ Rights: An Early Start Guide for Families
Early Start is governed by both federal and state statutes and regulations. This booklet provides in-depth information to parents and other interested parties about procedural safeguards available to ensure services are provided in a manner appropriate to the child’s needs and the concerns of the family. Federal and state citations accompany the information to allow the reader to refer to specific language found in the law. Two-page masters are also available in all languages.

Download (pdf) in English, Spanish, Chinese and/or Vietnamese here:
Full brochure: English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese
Two-page summary: English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese.