Key Words/Search Terms for Your Research

When you do research, the more focused and specific you can be about the information you seek, the more success you will have in finding it. The following partial list of common early intervention terms and phrases is offered as a resource to help you narrow your search and find exactly the information you need. Use the terms appropriate to your need as a starting point for your search. Keep in mind that many websites offer quick links or provide topical shortcuts.

Common Terms and Phrases:
accessibility standards
adaptive development
adaptive technology
Americans with Disabilities Education Act
assistive technology
at-risk criteria
case management
challenging behavior
Child Abuse, Prevention, and Treatment Act (CAPTA)
child development
child find
child health services
child protection and welfare programs
cognitive development
communication development
consent (parental)
culturally competent services
developmental delay
developmental disabilities
disputes/dispute resolution
early childhood education
Early Head Start
early intervention services
early intervention services provider
evaluation and assessment
family assessment
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Family Violence Prevention and Services Act
federal regulations
foster care
free appropriate public education (FAPE)
Head Start
health services
home-based family services
home visiting
homeless children
individualized education program
individualized family service plan
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
infant development
infant or toddler with a disability
interagency agreements
least restrictive environment
local education agency
maternal and child health
mental health
natural environments
occupational therapy
parental consent
parental rights
parents of children with disabilities
Part C regulations
professional development
reflective supervision
social emotional development
team planning
training and technical assistance
underrepresented populations